Understand Numerology

If you’re looking at an easy way to understand numerology, this is the book for you. Having applied the practical methods outlined in this book, this has helped me understand my children’s life from a different perspective.

Matthew McDowall, ANZIIF CIP

Numerology Simplified!

I couldn’t put your book down. It’s very well written and I have enjoyed it very much – “numerology simplified”.

Shabina Yakub

Beautifully written.

This very evening I have been reading and so enjoying this beautifully written, logical, easily explained, educational and inspiring book. Well done authors and hey who can blame me for talking a lot when I have five ‘1s’ lol? Feel so vindicated – thanks so much!

Ruth McMahon , September 2016

Ruth McMahon

It makes sense

When I got the numerology reading I ordered from Jeanne it felt like a piece of me just fell into place, the things that I felt for a long time finally making sense. I feel blessed that she did this for me and thoroughly recommend her. I look forward to reading her book.

Camilla Ek, Stockholm, Sweden


Over the years Jeanne has done many numerology readings regarding my children and grandchildren, and I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of them. It also tells me that if by applying a mathematical formula it can produce an accurate plan of life…. Then our lives may not be random?’

Trish Lawrence


I have long been interested in numerology and had both of my children’s charts done by Penelope when they were born. Not only were they a lovely window into the future but so far they have been accurate too.

Amy Collins-Walker
Writer | Editor | Stylist

Amy Collins-Walker